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September 2009

  • Cheers! Tax breaks on your favourite tipple

    It's the little luxuries that make life worth living. But what if there was a way of getting your company to foot your drinks bill and save tax and NI at the same time? Sound too good to be true? Well, truth is often stranger than fiction.

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  • Looking after Mum and Dad can save tax

    Your parents are finding it difficult to cope on their own. They need help but don't want to move to a residential home. You've found them the necessary support so that they can stay at home. But is there a way to turn the arrangement into a tax-saving scheme?

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  • An extra motor for the company

    You already run one company car. If a family member needs transport but can't afford it, you might think about buying one for them through your business. But will the Taxman penalise you for having two cars?

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  • Mobile VAT

    The Taxman will allow you one mobile phone as a tax and NI-free benefit-in-kind. But he's less generous when it comes to VAT. He'll usually allow you to reclaim this in proportion to your business use. But we've found a sneaky way around his rules.

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