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July 2009

  • Tax relief - seeing the wood for the trees
    Tax incentives for investments are a rare thing, and the Taxman thought he'd closed the door to this particular one 20 years ago. But is there still something lurking in woodlands that the Taxman doesn't like the look of, and can you take advantage of it?
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  • Get immediate relief from IHT
    Usually, if you make a gift to the next generation, you'll have to wait seven years before it fully escapes Inheritance Tax (IHT). But some assets escape the Taxman's greedy clutches straight away. Can you make use of this loophole?
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  • Exceptional relief for building costs
    The Taxman says that you can't claim income tax relief on the building costs of altering your businesses premises because they're capital. But there are exceptions to the rule. Could you use these to your advantage if you're remodelling your offices or work area?
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  • Joint property trap
    If you're buying a property with someone else, you could both end up with an unexpected income tax charge under the pre-owned assets regulations. But could you avoid the Taxman's trap just by taking some simple precautions?
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