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March 2009

  • Never look a gift horse...

    You realise your employees are liable to pay tax on non-cash benefits, for example Christmas hampers. But what about the perks they receive from suppliers? The Taxman is telling you that he wants his cut on these, but he might not be telling you the whole story. Some business gifts are actually tax-free. What are they?

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  • Extra tax-saving for buying your company car
    The tax charge on high CO2 emission cars is becoming ever more expensive. You could purchase the car from your company to avoid future taxable benefits-in-kind. It comes with the bonus of a free servicing, one of the incentives the company got when it bought the car new. Will the Taxman let you have this for nothing?
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  • A long time coming
    After all your hard work over the last 20 years, your co-directors have decided to show their appreciation and present you with a rather nice watch worth nearly £1,000. As a result you expect to pay some additional tax. But before you write out a cheque to the Taxman, think again. Is there a way to avoid the tax bill?
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