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January 2009

  • A tax advantage for club members
    When a recession bites the first things to go are the little luxuries in life, like your golf club or gym membership. But maybe there's a way you can still enjoy your hobby: get the company to pay. It will be able to claim tax relief on the membership fees and you could reduce your own NI contributions into the bargain!
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  • Information technology isn't taxing

    Like most business owners you are always on call when it comes to work. But whether it's by text, telephone or Internet, technology costs money. The Taxman says you can't claim tax relief for an expense if there's even a small amount of personal benefit derived from it. So is there a way to stay connected, keep the Taxman happy, and still save tax?

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  • Making use of tax-free parking
    The cost of parking seems to increase almost every time you go into town. It may not seem much, but over a year several pounds a trip can easily add up to a few hundred pounds. Would it be cheaper to buy a parking season ticket and get the company to pay?
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  • VAT can save you money
    Are you looking for ways to cut costs? Is your business VAT registered? If not, maybe it's because your business turnover is below the registration limit or all your sales are exports. Either way there's nothing to stop you from registering now and claiming back VAT you pay on your purchases. Even better, you may be able to make a back-claim. So what are you waiting for, get claiming now.
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