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July 2010

  • Same interest but less tax

    Where you and your partner have a joint bank or other savings account can you just declare the interest on your self-assessment returns in the most tax efficient way, or will this get you into trouble with the Taxman?

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  • Making a tax-free meal out of it

    Sometimes you might pay for staff or directors to eat whilst they're at work. The trouble with this is that the Taxman considers it to be a taxable benefit-in-kind. But luckily there's a way to dodge this trap.

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  • Redecorating tax efficiently

    Having your home decorated is an expensive business, but getting your company to pay the bill, even if you reimburse it, means that the Taxman will give you a helping hand with the cost.

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  • Let's save tax

    You want to keep your holiday home in the family by giving it to your children. However, it will take seven years before you can be sure that this gift will escape Inheritance Tax. How can you cut this to just two years?

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  • Home-working heaven

    You're thinking of moving your home-office from your spare bedroom into your summerhouse to take full advantage of the lovely weather.  The good news is that you can save VAT on the relocation costs.

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